Font used on an old Bulgarian stamp


Hi everyone,

Can anybody help me to find the font used for "Bulgaria" ?

Thanks in advance !


Don't know it but here are some you may like: Lubalin Graph ITC (possibly the closest in term of overall design approach, main difference being top unserifed /A), Rockwell, Teletex (artificially emboldened by adding a thick outline stroke might work?), Novocento Slab, Sketch Block (keeping only outlines), Figgins Brute (very different mainly because of /R but I like its vintage feeling), Stymie (see Teletex), Arvo, Rokkitt, Kettering 105 and 205

Slab serif lettering perhaps inspired by Rockwell, designed by Frank Hinman Pierpoint in 1934 for Monotype as an updating of Inland's Litho Antique of 1910. Rockwell's G matches the lettering, but the leg on R has only a half serif.

There is also a Rockwell knockoff called Rokkitt. You should check whether it's legitimate before using it.