"vintage" low crossbar sans serif font


Hi there. I'm trying to track down something as close to this typeface as possible.
I'm aware it may be custom as it appears to be replicating a type of vintage European sign-writing style.
The low crossbar in the A and the unusual S and C stand out the most.

Any help is appreciated.


Looks like lettering inspired by works of the Russian Constructivists of the 1920s and 30s, including Alexander Rodchenko, Varvara Stepanova, Vladimir and George Stenberg, and Gustav Klutsis.
For angularity and a somewhat similar S, see for example Bs-Kombat,
Other angulars in this group include ITC Stenberg
and Rodchenko
The low crossbar A was a common Art Deco feature now found in some fonts, including Neutraface by House and Erbar by URW++
C's like the image
ITC Terta bold
Konstruct Square

You may also consider Teuton Normal Bold by Frantisek Storm (StormType, 2001)

Thank you very much for the replies.
Looking at all those links fvilanakis's suggestion "Teuton" seems to be by far the closest. I think with some customising it could look quite close to the example in the OP.

If anyone else come across similar typefaces (in particular the "S" "A" and "C"), please post it up.
Thanks again!