Album cover font


From a 1963 Wayne King album (Decca label).Thanks so much in advance for your help!


The lettering looks like it was done with a flat pen as a softened version of a Textura design with Anglicized capitals. The repeating letters seem pretty much the same, so I suspect this was a font from the photo lettering era that, as far as I can find out has not been digitized.
I can offer substitutes that have some of the flavor of the lettering, mainly for the lower case, but are not all that close:
Kingthings Petrock Pro
Fine Gothic
Goudy Text
Perhaps there is something closer?

In the ballpark, Davis:

A Solofont included in the Dover Calligraphic book and CD pack.

I think Don is right. The spacing and continuity in forms tend to say "phototype". I too tried to find it but I have very little in the way of British specimens. Decca was originally a British label so the cover may have been done there.