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Hello there,
So I am new around and I thought it would be quite a good idea of getting to start here by showing a tiny font project i'm on for few days (even if the idea is melting within me for a while). So I am new on the forum and on font-making ; I believed it would be an interesting way to get a better understanding of fonts thru designing it (and eventually make me a better designer... ahah...hum...).

So here is the firsts "drafts", I actually finished the small caps, but quite frankly not yet satisfied with the looks of some of them (and it does take me a damn long time for each letter). So here is it and feel free to give some opinions on that...

My idea was to create a serif font with a certain classic style but usable for designers and/or average people. Not quite there yet, but heh, have to start somewhere :)


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Oups wrong tag.
here is it again ;

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