Geopoetika cover-pages typefaces


Does anybody know which typefaces these are?

Both the one used for the title and author's name and the one for the logo at the bottom?


I knew this reminded me of something from the dim and distant past.

Ah, yes, when I worked on the Masterfoods account doing pet food packaging about 10 years back, this was the font that we used for the body text on all the Whiskas cat food packs.

So based on that bit of old nonsense I would be tempted to go with Cronos (probably a Semibold but there are many cuts including a Pro version) for the main title and author's name.

As for the logo - well it's very difficult to make out at that size but it puts me in mind of something along the lines of Garamond 3 LT Std Italic.

Hope this helps.


I see Cronos by Robert Slimbach...