Eurostyle and Bodoni Like fonts


Hello, i have to do some logo restyling for those clients. However, they also want a vector version of their original logos. Unfortunately, they don't know the typefaces used. One resemble a bit eurostile but it has angled serif. Another it's similar to Bodoni but there are some differencies, like the straight leg of the R. I'm also interested in the neon-like font, but i suspect it's something from a free font site and i will have to probably retrace it.

I have searched myfont and used what the font but haven't found any suitable match. Hope i can find some help from the experts here!




ledda: reminds me of Oxford/Sportowy
Bar/Pasticceria/anzoni: may be City by Berthold, stretched

»ledda« looks like an extruded Oxford or Sportowy with the middle line removed.

»Bar Pasticceria« is City by Berthold.

Thanks guys :) Ahhh Times.. Lol i searched a lot of fonts and i haven't tried the standard windows typefaces... go figure!

Thanks again :)