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(x) Martha Stewart's Using It - Benton {Stephen}

Can anyone help me identify the type face being used throughout Martha Stewart’s new publication, “Everyday Foods”? The same sans serif font is used in light, medium and bold weights, as well as in small caps. Very understated, very classic, with a few quirks. It’s similar to (but not) Advert and Praxis. Got any ideas? For more examples, go to http://www.marthastewart.com/everydayfoodsmartha sample 1martha sample 2


I don’t have my Font Bureau book with me, but this could
be Benton Gothic, a proprietary font family they designed
for MS a few years ago.

Found it. Looks like the MS version is changed a bit (single-
storey ‘g’, shorter overhang on the ‘a’) but it’s essentially
the same design.

Thanks, Stephen. I had actually looked at Font Bureau’s site and overlooked the newspaper fonts section. I’ll likely use it as it, but I think I prefer the single-storery “g”. Thanks again for your guidance.