1980s magazine articles font identification help needed


Any help with this would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

This font was often used in 1980s magazines like Maximum RockNRoll, Metal Forces, and sometimes in Thrasher.

Here's a sample (I'm looking for the main body article font please):





Pretty hard to tell from the sample provided as some of the fine details are obliterated by the screen behind the text. However, at first glance this looks similar to some of the Albert Boton typefaces, such as ITC Elan (actually designed in 1985) or Agora (which didn't appear until 1990). I don't think either of these match exactly. They both seem to have wider, more geometric forms and more open counters. But they might appeal.

Thanks, yeah, that’s not exactly it, but it’s similar. Another one that’s semi close is Frutiger 55 (Roman). The search continues...