Font used in 19th century maps



Here is a sample of regular and italic fonts widely used in old maps, with characteristic huge sheriffs. Can anybody recognize the font?

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For the italic, I can't state if it's the right name but I think Kursivschrift Liegend is enough to go with. Roemisch would also be interesting. Some more: Law Italic LTC
For the upright, only some suggestions for alternatives: 1820 Modern GLC, Sirenne MVB, 1805 Jaeck Map GLC, Rameau, Karten Augustea, De Vinne BT, Cochin Archaic, Nicolas Cochin, Scotch Modern, Modern no. 20, Monotype Modern, Century Expanded, Old Times American
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Kursivschrift looks similiar. I think it's a modern version of font I'm looking for. But if you try to replace some namest in old maps using it, it will not match. Even bigger problem is with regular font. Both of them have much more extended sheriffs.