O obscure serif font, where art thou?


I've been looking for this one all over the place now, anyone got a clue?


GLENMORANGIE: I may be wrong but I see either Garamond Condensed Bold or Bold squooshed. Garamond No. 2 Condensed Bold looks pretty close...

Was playing with the idea myself, but the A is off and more importantly – the serifs are rounded.

Custom Old Style mashup. R reminds me of several Goudy fonts.

There are some Garamond's with rounded serifs. Here is Garamond Classico Bold (Linotype) at 80% width:

With some editing, particularly R and A, this might serve as an approximate match.

To me, they probably started with a Garamond Condensed (Bold or not) and manually emboldened and rounded it by adding an outline stroke, possibly explaining the /A rounded top...

Couldn't get this procedure to work.
The only way I can see is to do it by hand. Here is Scangraphic's Garamond No. 2 Condensed Medium, original shown in black, rounded in red:

Time consuming. Either they put some effort in the logo, or used another font.

Thanks guys, I think I can safely assume this is something custom or not digitalised then.

You're welcome. I still think tinkering with Garamond Classico Bold (Linotype) is the most effective way of doing a simulation without spending too much time on it.