Body Copy from old Childrens book


I initially thought it was Cochin but its not. Please help.


What country was the book published in, and what year (approx)?
Never mind; the font is Egmont, probably the regular version. It is available here:

Hmm I don't think its Egmont. The W is a dead giveaway. Egmont is close so it might be my best bet. The book was published in 1993.

Good find George. The sample in the book is indeed a match for Egmont by Hendrik de Roos. Note that the w and W in the Ortiz-Lopez version are different. There are a few other differences such as the slope of the terminal on r. But these are minor. Most people would not notice them.

Actually upon further inspection I don't think its Egmont but Eisen. I believe Eisen is a copy of Egmont so it makes sense that they are so similar. [corrected]

What do you guys think?

Anything that came from OptiFonts (Castcraft, Neon Type, Type Films of Chicago, Pirates of the Frozen North, whatever...) was a ripoff of something else. Their "work" certainly wasn't anything anyone else would copy.

Oh my thats horrible! So it sounds like the copy was the other way around. :)
Thanks for the clarity.

Good find nicholas.
I still say it's Egmont by S. H. de Roos. Produced for Amsterdam Foundry in 1933. Intertype version 1937. For full character set see Jaspert's Type Encylopaedia, 1970.
OPTI was a notorious font pirate and sold fonts by other fontmakers, usually after changing the name. However OPTI digitized some fonts on its own. This seems to be the case with Eisen, which is the OPTI digitization of Egmont. I did not spot any significant differences between Eisen and the Egmont original. Eisen has a copyright claim of 1990-91. I suggest that the book could have been produced from the Egmont metal type, a photo type version, or the OPTI version.
De Roos also produced an attractive inline version of the capitals. Not digitized.

Thanks Don. I think whats throwing me off is the capital W. Honestly Eisen's capital W looks much nicer than Egmonts. Here is a screenshot with the W from Eisen on the left. I think my safest bet is to stick with Egmont regardless but I wish that W was better. :)

Most but not all OPTI fonts were pirated from digital fonts made by others.
Unless we have information that someone else digitized Egmont before OPTI, it is reasonable to conclude that it is an original work.
Unfortunately ALL OPTI fonts are legal orphans. Using an OPTI font, pirated OR original, in a commercial venture is something I would not do unless I had reasonable assurances from good legal counsel.

Don, as with any other font that originated in Chicago or Skokie, it's wise to be cautious. The family is still in business (signs) and they may still own the IP rights.

I agree George. That's why I recommended good legal counsel before using any OPTI fonts. Who owns the IP rights is a good question. It would probably be cheaper to make a new font from the original de Roos' design than to enter the legal jungle of using an OPTI font. Another possibility is to ask Ortiz-Lopez for permission to modify his version.