(x) italic serif label - Spender {Peter}

I really need some help with this one:
Many, many thanks in advance!


It looks like an Unger. Lemme browse.

Whoops, jumped to conclusions a tad too quickly and didn’t look closely enough: I thought they were the same. They’re not. (There goes my credibility: down the drain). :/


Bran Müsli is made by Finax, and yes, Finax is on Embrink Design’s client list along with Spendrups. I think we can assume that the Bran Müsli logotype is made by Embrink as well, and that the font (if there is a complete font) is not publicly available.

Yum, beer & bran müsli: breakfast of champions!

Very close to Amerigo Bold Italic (and I’m proud to say I
didn’t even touch WhatTheFont).

Oops, Medium Italic is even better.

It’s Ungerish, but derivative. And it’s got some ugly details in comparison.
I just set the brand name in Amerigo Medium Italic to show the differences. Judge for yourself.

Thanks Jan. Looks like they hacked off some serifs and
yanked on the tails.

Thanks, Amerigo is the closest match so far. I’ve also found this beer label, I know it has a custom drawn face which make me suspect that the two logotypes are made by the same design company. See similarities in lower case “a” for instance.

The typeface is called Spender Headline.
Made for the Brewery Spendrups by Hans Samuelsson
from Embrink Design (http://www.embrink.se/)

Now THAT’s what I call impressive type ID-ing: finding custom typefaces that are not available to the general public, just like Heinrich Lischka’s positive ID of the Kreissparkasse custom typeface by Dalton Maag. Glad to have guys like Peter and Heinrich on board.

Not that fast though…we still haven’t figured out the Bran Müsli face..but it looks very much like a lighter version of Spender.
They’ve taken away the lower serif on the uc B though.
Amd the lc a isn’t exactly the same.

Christer — which company owns the Bran Müsli brand?