Can't access italic version of font in Microsoft applications

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Can't access italic version of font in Microsoft applications

Newbie here, I'm generating a font with Fontlab 5 (on a mac) and I'm having a lot of problems using my font in Microsoft applications. Specifically, the font is available for selection in MS software but I cannot choose between the regular and italic version of the font; both of them have a "check" to the left of them and only the regular version of the font gets displayed. I've generated / installed them as both .ttf and .otf files with the same result.

Using Adobe Illustrator / other software I'm able to access both the regular and italic versions; the problem is MS applications. I've looked at these forums and have seen some posts specifically about generating fonts for MS applications and have followed the instructions but it hasn't worked out for me.

An alternative I'm trying to pursue but frustratingly can't seem to execute right is to just generate the italic font as a completely different font family. However, even though I change the Family Name in the Font Info panel, it still pops out as the same family as the regular font! I must be doing something very stupid but I don't know what it is. Feeling dumber than a bag of hammers / box of staples. Any help would be greatly appreciated!