Art Nouveau-esqe typeface sample


Letterforms from a book. I've found something similar with Eulalie. But it lacks the softness of the original. Eulalie feels more perfect and harsh on the serifs.


Close to Hendershot but I know nothing about its legitimacy...

Some similarity also with http://ITC Photoplay

It seems that this is based on lettering by Walter A. Heberling in his 1922 book _Basic Lettering_.
Lets try and sort it out.
Nick Curtis says that Eulalie (2009) is based on the work of master penman Walter Heberling. The similar font ITC Photoplay (2001) is also by Nick Curtis. According to
Eulalie is a Walter A. Heberling design in _Basic Lettering (1922)_, and ITC Photoplay is a Samuel Welo design in _Studio Handbook (1927)_.
Based on Nick's other fonts I suggest that he made the design more regular for his version of Heberling.
A for Hendershot, this seems to be an auto scan by Rev. Josh Wilhelm of a variation of the lettering used in your book. The variation is not surprising, given that the original was in a "how to" book for lettering.
If the objective is to reproduce this lettering you could:
* use EulalieNF, at the sacrifice of the very casual nature of the lettering;
* contact the author of Hendershot at
* check for other digital or photo type versions of the Heberling lettering;
* Purchase or borrow a copy of _Basic Lettering_ and make your own font. Book info Publisher: Wallbrunn, Kling & Co., Chicago, 1922. Illustrator: Heberling, W.A.

Thanks again Don! A wealth of knowledge you are.

I think my best bet is to go with Photoplay as it is for a commercial project so everything would be legal and proper. Hendershot is nice but I would need to remove those pesky dots and I don't see any rights info.

You're welcome Nicolas.
I agree that most readers would not demand an exact match. Even though the fonts are based by lettering by two different artists, Heberling and Welo, their work has a similar circa 1920 flavor and your book should have a good period feel.