Font named Myriad pro in a DAO software but dont look like...


Hi everyone
one friend of mine make me some stickers ( maybe 500) quickly with one font i like,
but now i want to make some other things with the same font but when he ask his software he told him that the font is Myriad pro so i download it but its dont look like my stikers... :(

So i really need your help
thanks by advance


It looks like an artificially emboldened http://Arkitech (Medium) by Ivan Filipov (2009, Free for personal use)

Oh yes, i dont know if its the same, but its really look like and i cannot make the difference!
thank you so much fvilanakis for your answer and your for share your knowledges.

I just download the font and i find a litle difference, on my stickers the capital letters are a bit biger than the tiny letters.
what can i do for that? sorry i really know nothing about font.

I don't know which application you use, but try to format the text with a "Small Caps" (small capitals) option.
This will make the capital letters a bit bigger.

I try it on world but its for used on photoshop or video editing....
sorry i relly dont know what you talk about, how to do it....

On Microsoft Word (at least on older versions) select the text you want
and try to enable (Check) the following option: Format => Font => [x] Small Caps

See also an example bellow for Photoshop CS5:

Thanks, i try on world and photoshop and that make the same result, that work capital are bigger but thats change the shape of the tiny letter too :(

So i find one way ( maybe not so catholic lol) i change the size of capital to bigger and then tiny letters in fat...