Monographs on Greenland 1914 content font

Römische Antiqua
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Donald H. Tucker

One more Monographs on Greenland (Meddelelser om Grønland) question. This regards the font used for the content listing on the cover. (Published in Denmark, 1914.)



Thanks for the detailed image.
The font is Römische Antiqua, capitals designed by A. Anklam for Genzsch & Heyse, 1898.

Not digitized. On my to do list, but not in the near future.
As a loose substitute you could use Cheltenham, which also has the G with a spur. Römische Antiqua differs from Cheltenham with its drooping bowls on D, P and R, splayed legs on M, the unspurred upper terminals on C, and other details.

Thanks your help! Except for the droop, Cheltenham isn't too far.

Inland Type Foundry (1907) also had MacFarland which is the same face and included lowercase, cut by permission of Genzsch & Heyse.

Thanks for the reference. It appears there are a few different versions of it –

MacFarland is indeed based on Römische Antiqua, but there are some differences.