Monographs on Greenland 1946 publisher's name on cover

Latin Antique
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George Thomas

And one more MoG question. This regards the publisher's name on the cover of a 1946 volume. It looks a little like Americana Std, but the G, for instance, is different.



The font is Latin Antique, shown in Inland 1907 and later in BB&S. DeVroye also has a page on his site from Inland showing the name as Poster Latin Antique but I don't know the date of his source. McGrew says Stephenson Blake also had a version available in the 50s/60s. A quick search did not turn up a digital version.

Thanks for your help. Looks like I'll have to settle for the Americana.

Thanks George for spotting the Inland source.
Jaspert's _Type Encylopaedia (1970) shows Latin Antique from Monotype but the letters are narrower. It also mentions Stephenson Blake as a producer of the font.
So the1946 publication could well have used the BB&S type inherited from Inland.
Latin Antique was in the 1897 and 1907 Inland catalog. Poster Latin Antique disappeared between the 1897 and 1907 catalog. I can't see much difference:
Here is Poster Latin Antique:

Here is Latin Antique:

I agree that there is no digital version of the Inland design.