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This company had the artwork done in 2003 and cannot remember who created it.


It's an old font called Tasmin,
see the comment of Mike Freiman on this thread:

Thanks Fivos for the ID.
Mike Yanega scanned Tasmin from one of the Dover books with alphabets of old metal fonts collected by Dan X. Solo and used it for the showing of Tasmin in his Bauhaus Font ID Guide Here is an excerpt showing the Uppercase.

Note the two forms of S.
Here is the WSI Tango version: The S matches your image.

Here is a different digitization, Tasmin International by David L. Crosby Typeface © Awareness Center 2007.

It uses the other S.
As far as I know there are no other digitizations of Tasmin.
WSI was a gang of font pirates, but this may have been one they did themselves.
I know nothing about David L. Crosby.
As I have no information on the legitimacy of either font, I have not provided links.