English print around 1700

IM Fell English Roman
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Donald H. Tucker

I am looking for typefaces used by English printers around 1700. Both clean fonts and fonts with a rough appearance to look as the old printed original book page. Preferably of the same style as the attached example.

And what is the correct classification of these fonts?

For refernece: classic writers of the period are John Milton, Henry Fielding and Daniel Defoe. Image source: http://adoptabook.vassar.edu


As close as you are going to get with a digital font:
IM Fell English Roman
Based on type from the era.

Thank you so much for those excellent suggestions. I think I will go with IM Fell English Roman for my current project. And I was happy to read that Fell was the cause of iKern, since iKern has helped my favourite modern type designer Jos Buivenga (exljbris).

You're welcome. Good luck with your book project.