condensed sans


Can anyone id this please?

thank you


Hi Diogo,

I would guess that is not a font, as such, but is a logotype created specifically for the brand. Although having stated that, it does look as if it could have started life as Futura Medium Condensed and has subsequently been hacked around, especially the cap "S" which has a rather Art Deco styling.

Hope this helps.

If not you could always contact the manufacturer of the product for assistance! They have an even better example of the logo, which you could download and redraw, here:



Can't find a match either and totally agree with Bryan. Looks custom (and not a good one if you want, or not actually, my opinion).
Now, it depends on what you need exactly:
- a perfect ID to recreate a clean version of this logo and work with it: as I can't find it anywhere as vector (not even a PDF to extract it), your best chance is probably to re-trace it from the best source you could find (best one I could get), would not be very hard...
- because you'd like to know and get inspiration from: I'm afraid there's no perfect ID for this one; here are some alternatives: Alpha Charlie WD, Sultan of Swat, Panelite