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(x) bold gothic slab serif - Alfa Sans {Hrant}

Does anyone know what typeface this is?


ITC Officina Serif Black OS comes close but not a perfect match.


Oops. I misread you. Enjoy the pic anyway.

I actually consider Gehlhaar one of the best type designers around. I would guess you have seen his thesis project- the CIA comdendium of alphabets.

Ole, you know too much — now I kave to kill you.  ;->

It’s Alfa Sans, by Gehlhaar, yes. And it’s very nice. And it was used on the cover of the winner of the international “Most Beautiful Book” competition of 2000.


Gehlhaar and Schulz are the two good type designers to come out of CalArts. Or maybe they were already good when they went in…


OH MY GOD! I want PP Deluxe… What a beauty! :)
Where do I buy?

Richard, as far as I know it is not for sale. It was one in a set of 4. All were very different and named after philosophers.

:( I really liked it… like a friendly goodlooking bauhaus or something. (that z was especially wonderful…)

Ole — I’d be interested in seeing Gehlhaar’s CIA compendium if you have a chance to post it sometime. Or is there a link?

Two faces from Lee Schulz are in Alphabook but I was wondering if anybody had a link to anything else by him or could post something?

Hrant, in your review of Cal Arts’s type design class, you mentioned some other faces by Schulz.
Where did you see those?


> Where did you see those?

At that exhibition they had in October, and the booklet they gave out with it.


A post or an email would be greatly appreciated.


The whole booklet?!  :-/


I *think* I know, but I’d rather not say… :-/ Don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing — just potentially “expensive” information, at least until a few months from now.


Nah. How about the Lee Schulz faces you refer to in your CalArts review?


Hey bj. More Gelhaar:


thx scoles. looking at these, i’m a vexed slackdog. are they for sale somewhere?


A couple of 150 dpi scans from the booklet:

Salome (one of my “top-10” fonts) and Antoinette, both from ‘98:

From Schulz’s post-CalArts oeuvre:


thx hrant.


I believe my samples are scanned from Alphabook.
Got them from someone else. Your question is very
valid… I’ve thought of tracking down Gelhaar’s
email address for some time now so I could write
and ask him why he hasn’t offered these beauties
up for sale.


Hey, shshsheck out Lee Schulz’s site:


Hrant I do not quite get what you mean. If you do not wish to share this information in the forum send me the info privately. Ole

Not sure what Hrant’s going on about…

But I like a challenge — maybe too much.
I’ve spent far too long staring at this thing
wondering where I’ve seen it before.

It looks simutaneously like the work of
Tankard, Schwartz, Bilak and Spiekermann.


“Tankard, Schwartz, Bilak and Spiekermann” would
make a great name for an intimidating law firm.

Hahaha :)

Or a pangram.

I think I saw it used in a design by Jens Gehlhaar. It did however not look like his work, so the question remains, what is it, and who made it?

Don’t like Gelhaar, Ole? Not even this?