1908 German Blackletter-like Script


Typeface used to advertise electrical Christmas tree lights in 1908
Original source is here


I'm not certain if the 1908 Spiegel cover is lettering or a typeface, and I do not have a name or designer.
There is a digital font that seems to be derived from the same source. It is Louisianne by Dieter Steffmann
[I deleted the rest of my post. Thanks George for spotting the digital source of Steffmann's font, i.e. Klingspors's Salut of 1931, as digitized by Linotype. I do not link to known pirated fonts.]

Salut from Linotype is very similar to the image but there are some differences. If not lettering, then it may have been another foundry's version, name unknown. Linotype's version is true to the original metal from Klingspor, 1931; designed by H. Maehler. Source: Jaspert.

Steffman's version appears to be the same as the Linotype version.

As noted in my edited post, thanks George for getting the correct reference.
On looking closely at the Der Spiegel cover I am almost certain it is lettering. Jaspert's _Type Encyclopaedia (1970)_ gives very little information, but this is sufficient to suggest it is probable that H. Maeher adapted the pre Great War lettering, either from the cover or another source. As you say, the Linotype designer did a faithful digitization and Steffmann did a renamed pirated version.

Independent original digitizations of Maehler's Salut which are alternatives to the Linotype version:
Unicorn NF
Salut by Dan X. Solo
Distributed with a Dover book

You might also like the version designed by Alan Meeks for ITC in 1980, and sold under the name Einhorn:

Thanks Don and George!
It's great to have helpful and knowledgeable folks like you!

You're welcome.