Help identifying the typography of this logo!



In case you can't see the logo, just follow the link below. If you are able to tell me, which family this kind of typography belongs to, it would be very helpful. And perhaps some useful information about it.

Thank you

Could be as simply as "Helvetica Neue with a custom /j". Closest I have is Coolvetica.
Other alternative: Chalet HI
'jbs underwear" vector logo freely available to download http://here.

Thank you for your answer. So you are sure that the JBS logo is Coolvetica ?

So you are most sure that the JBS logo is Coolvetica ?

Nope, never said that. I said Coolvetica is the closest solution I've found which could do the job as it (meaning without any modification) but it's far from a perfect match. Actually, I don't understand the purpose behind trying to know which exact font it could be. Almost all logos are custom, in this case rather say "customization of a commercial type". To me, this one is a customization based on Helvetica Neue Medium (or Chalet), started with "gbs" as backbone mainly removing /g counter and adding an ascender and a rounded dot. And FYI, Coolvetica stands for Cool(Hel)vetica :)
And if you need an exact match to recreate this logo and work with it, better go with the vector logo I've pointed to...

Why on earth would you want to recreate a logo for a company with such gratuitously objectifying sexist advertising? That ad is NOT okay in any fucking way.

Who said that I will recreate the logo? When working with a commercial like this, I look at the visual and typographical elements and analyze them objectively. So I can't see why your'e opinion is important in this context.