(x) THICKBURGER - Kenyan Coffee Bold {Chesh}

can anyone help me identify the “thickburger” type?
any help is appreciated.



Chesh and Stephen and Yves must be asleep, watching CNN or this one’s too easy for them.

Ryan, it’s modified Compacta or a derivative.

The G and the E are slightly different, but could’dve been modified easily.


thanks to all of you for the info and links!
again it is very much appreciated.

There are quite a few in this “square heavy
compressed headline sans” category. But none that I
can find with a beardless ‘G’. Here are a few:

Triumvirate Inserat/Compressed

Anzeigen Grotesk


Actually, just about all the characters are
top heavy. Can be done in Illustrator but
is someone going to go to the trouble?

Ryan, this may or may not be Compacta.

Where’s Type Tracker, Troubleman and


What he said.

Beardless G, i like that.

I did a search and initially thought Anzeigen, but the “S” seems way different. More than a simple modification anyway. I hate to say it, but the closest things I think I’ve seen (based on the spine of the S) are Bitstream’s Square 721 and (good god) Impact.

Sorry…scratch Square 721.

Yeah. Beardless.

What the hell am I doing trying to out-ID Dr Coles anyway? ;-)

It’s Kenyan Coffee Bold, and it’s free.

BJ, I don’t watch CNN. It’s government sponsored censored and sanitized non-news. They won’t allow you to see the real horror of war, nor the countless spontaneous protest actions all over the globe. You don’t see the outrage, the disbelief, the despair of the people when confronted with a loose cannon on a global scale, armed to the teeth, foam at the mouth, looking around yelling “Anybody else wants some?!”

In protest of this unacceptable breach of international law and act of wanton aggression which threatens world peace, I hereby suspend my activities on this forum for the duration of the conflict. Which won’t last more than three weeks, believe me, after that George W. Bully will probably resort to the use of tactical nukes. Mark my words. He doesn’t want a new Vietnam.

Stop watching CNN. Read this for a change. Bye for now, I’ve got some protest actions to attend to.



P.S. And every morning when listening to the news I get sick to the stomach when they broadcast excerpts of this lying hypocrite’s speeches. Because your leaders do lie to you.