Sans Serif Headline Type


Trying to ID the type in the image that reads "New York". I have tried Trade Gothic, Alternate Gothic, Akzidenz Grotesk, Univers, Helvetica Condensed and Bebas. The "O" and "R" throw me off a bit; maybe I'm just not seeing it right.

Any ideas on what this might be? Help is greatly appreciated, thank you.


Looks like a good fit but feels different. Maybe it's me. I have DIN Pro and I tried DIN bold and medium, but something about the width seems a tad off. Going to look closer, thanks!

I tried this with two flavours of DIN Medium weight, and it's a near perfect match. Only the /W/ appears slightly slimmer.


Thanks for the replies, it's highly appreciated. I also tried the DIN Medium and it's hitting very close and I also see the /W/ is a tad slimmer. I can live with that one for now. Thanks again!