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I realize this sample is too awkward to get a true sense of value, but, generally speaking is this typeface just too f'd up to be of any use? Anyone see any value here?

I originally intended it to be a text face but obviously that won't work. Maybe a cheesy display face?


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Yeah, I didn't think so. But you never know.

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It's a good name though. As in:

Courtesy of Mullet Madness

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I think this would be a really funny display face. I
wouldn't suggest trying to sell it, but for your own
uses, this would be great. the forms would really
become images of their if you used them in the right
way -- and, of course, for the right subject.

since this would not be a font to use for the purpose of
legibility, you might want to funk-up the "straight"
characters (Uc H, I, L, T & Lc i, l, x, z). I'm not sure how
these would look, but currently they look too boring in
the context of this font.

great link, Joe!

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Ben Balvanz has a font called Mullet already.

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Eh, I'm not pursuing the font anyway. But thanks for the info.

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