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DOWN BY LAW - display biker style font - FONT ID


Looking for an ID on the font used for 'Down by Law'

Many thanks in advance,



I was secretly hoping someone else would know too. I scoured the internet in vain trying to figure this one out.

Might be a font. Might be lettering.
The design of the swash elements is derived mainly from a font produced in 1760 as Caslon Black and now usually known as Old English. Too complex for most purposes, but there are simplified versions such as this house letters design:


thank you so much don!

anybody have a download link for a digital version of this font?

You're welcome Danny. The design is used by a British house number maker -- can't recall the url but if you dig with Google it should be findable -- and they provide only a very small scale jpeg image to assist buyers. [I increased the scale and enhanced it for my post.] Clearly they want to keep the design as a business asset.