Transitional serif text font used in 'The Palmer Method of Business Writing' (1935)

Century Old Style (probably)
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Fivos Vilanakis

I quite like the crisp rationality of the text typeface used in this book, but I can't identify it. I suspect it's a Linotype machine face, judging by the buttonhook 'f' and the overly wide italic.

I particularly like the 'g', which strikes me as rather distinctive.


It looks close to http://Century Old Style

@fvilanakis Thanks. It does look like it, doesn't it?

The book type seems rather less condensed than the digital Century Old Style fonts I see. (Letters like 'o' look noticeably rounder, and the tracking in general is much looser.) But I supposed that could be accounted for by a different size being used for the digital masters.

Yes, it looks very close and I can't spot a similar /g on any other font I looked.
You can find a more "round" (less compressed) version of Century Old Style on the latin subset of (Chinese) Mac OS font http://Biau Kai (1995) but I doubt the book is set on Biau Kai
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