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Does anyone know what this typeface is and if so who designed it and where is is sold?
eziba logo.gif


Never seen it, Ole. But it looks like something
Margo Chase might do. See http://www.margochase.com/gravy/


Chase’s work is pure brilliance. Alien power, female lustre. Why does it remain so hidden?


I am well familiar with her work and was properly one of the first designers to purchase her fonts. I got Envision back in 94’ when it was $125 in Beta (unkerned, missing characters), when I later tried to get the finished version (which I was told would be a free upgrade) I was told that Envision had never been sold, strange. I wonder if someone in the studio released it without permission?
Anyway, I suspect this specimen is not done by Margo Chase, it seens too structured and her work is generally not so. I also find more wit and humor in her work. This one is too clean and well behaved to be a MC job.

In fact, a strong indication that it’s not Chase’s work is the lousy transition at the bottom of the “E”.