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Archive through March 21, 2003

Not to distract too much from the other quizzes going on, I thought this might be fun as a serial pop quiz. Like the others, the person who ids correctly gets to post the next id. The point of this id quiz is to show a detail of one character and see who can correctly identify both the letter and the typeface. Given that it’s only a detail, I think WhatTheFont will be baffled; ergo, you gotta know it to id it. This is probably an easy one, but I thought I’d get the ball rolling.


In other news, I miss Yves. But he’s on a break, so you up-and-comers have a good shot at it.


american typewriter

sorry guys, i had to log off yesterday…

yes, jared got it!
it’s clarendon’s “5”.

OK, let’s see who’s up for this one:


That’s a great sample. Type as abstract art!

:whew: Just ran it through Whatthefont.. You’ll not have any luck there!

quick guess without checking…texas hero

or cezanne

oops, cheshire, are we allowed to guess in
this particular typophile entertainment zone.

It’s very close to a couple scripts at Misprinted Type, but no.

Search continues.

Ha! Yes, no offense to the estimable John Hudson, but I draw no distinction between admitted guesses and unadmitted guesses. It’s kind of like the fundamentalist-Christian friend I had in high school who, every time he wanted to cuss, said, “Bleepity-bleep-bleep-bleep.” (This was before The Simpsons, mind you.) I used to respond, “Dwayne, you know the actual cuss words are floating around in your head. You think God only hears what you actually say?”

Since we’re all here to share and learn from each other, we have to make guesses and sometimes be wrong; otherwise, we’re not learning anything. Better to admit the guess than to pretend to knowledge one doesn’t have, no?

So the long answer to your short question is: yes, all guesses are welcome. The more the merrier.

Well gee. I’ve got about 12 listings in my “Drunken
Scripts” category and none match. You wily Benson!

Finding so much similar stuff with so many similar characteristics, but a few details are off.


( ^ _ ^ )

It may be time for a hint… JB?

But I’m enjoying watch you squirm!

OK, here’s one: Viktor _____

now it’s easy. ;)

It is?

yes, ches, it’s easy.

Viktor Solt’s Johann Sparkling.


Ha! You know, one of my first thoughts was Voluta. But that wasn’t it. I didn’t think to look at Johann Sparkling. That’s got to be the Johann Sparkling ITC ‘g’.

— K.

Ah, man. It doesn

Aha, so it is — I was even looking at that and didn’t pursue it because in its tiny size it didn’t look so grungy. Boy am I afraid of what Stewf is going to come up with now.


Eduardo — your turn!

thx cheshire.
here’s next challenge:


I think I know it, but I want someone else to get it. If no one else posts before the end of the day, I’ll post my answer.

I know the design but can’t remember the face name!
Going through books and my fonts folder now :-)

Looks an awfully lot like Clarendon?

Ah yeah! I think Jared got it!

Eduardo — a ruling, please?