Blackletter identification

Moderne Fraktur


Hi eveyone

I'm looking for this font.

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There might be a Fraktur with this E but I did not spot it.
Perhaps this is a custom adaptation of one of the classic Frakturs that approximately match your image, except for the E:
Wittenberger Fraktur
Neue Luthersche Fraktur
Walbaum Fraktur
Justus Fraktur

There was a font called http://Moderne Fraktur by FontShop (1999) but I see it's not available anymore.

There is also OPTI Modern Blackletter which looks exactly like the above.
You can see a sample here:
but please read more about OPTI fonts legitimacy, before using any of them in a commercial project:

Thanks Fivos. I should have found this. Font Shop 1999 was Dieter Steffmann's font company -- not to be confused with FontShop.
What can we say, pirates stealing from pirates? Who did the original work? We know that Dieter Steffmann's fonts are often "improvements" on existing digital fonts and OPTI's common practice was to pick up the digital work of others and reissue it as an OPTI font. I checked both fonts and Steffmann's is identical to OPTI's except for the addition of a some characters.
I suspect that OPTI Modern Blackletter is one of the relatively few fonts that OPTI independently digitized, rather than pirated.
OPTI is a defunct operation and its fonts are now orphans. I would not risk using it in a commercial application unless unless I was prepared to be the legal test case for orphan fonts.
But that having been said, I like the font as an improvement on classical Fraktur, in that it keeps the features of light weight Fraktur fonts as an attractive lowercase script and revises some of the unreadable upper case letters.
As usual in questionable fonts, no links to downloads.

Thank you

Yesterday I was looking for it.

The fonts I had found didn't match that "E"

Thank you very much

Hi Rafael, I see that you have noted that the match is Moderne Fraktur. In fact this is a pirated version of the original OPTI Modern Blackletter (1990-91).