Grove Press, Sans Serif, Roy Kuhlman covers


specifically "The Unnameable" by Beckett

Thank you!


It must be http://AG Old Face (Medium) by Berthold (this /E is rather unique)

Thanks! The only thing is that these books were printed in the 1960's and the font above says it's copyright is 1991. Any idea of something from the era?

Any way, this is the closest yet. Much appreciated.

The copyright of a digital font usually denotes it's debut year in digital form (for a specific publisher).
If you go to this page:

you can see this is a redraw of an older face:

In 1984 H. Berthold released this redraw of Akzidenz-Grotesk by Günter Gerhard Lange.
This design emphasizes the 19th Century hand-setting roots of the original Akzidenz-Grotesk.
Designers: Günter Gerhard Lange
Design date: 1984

Thanks so much!! Really helpful, much appreciated.