A Didot of some kind, but which?



No problem finding fonts with ball terminals and hairline connecting strokes OR ball terminals and a curved transition from ball to connecting strokes similar to the image. But a quick check did not turn up a ball terminal font font with both features. Hope someone finds it.
In the interim here a ball terminal font with a curved transition from ball to thin connecting strokes similar to the image.
Harriet Display Bold


Another work of Matt Willey so most probably especially hand-drawn for this Jazz FM booklet.
Now speaking of alternatives, hard to find a Didone such contrasted... Here are some I like: Hera Big P&S, Narziss HJT, Grumpy, Sahara Bodoni, Lust, Pistilli Roman (Pistilline, Eloquent, Spiffily, Maisalle...)

thanks so much for turning me on to Matt Wiley: LOVE HIS WORK!

With some editing you can transform Harriet Display Black into a font that can create effects very similar to the lettering:

Similar results using Harriet Display Bold.