Please help me find this unknown font :/



Can't resist... hydro-electric poles at night in an ice storm :)

Can't agree more with Don ;)
BTW, I would like to know how you could state it's a font and how you read it...

It is obvious that no one dare to draw this on paint isn't it :D

You wrote: "Please help me find this unknown font :/"
And then you also wrote: "It is obvious that no one dare to draw this on paint isn't it :D"

So it seems to me what should be obvious is that you knew what it was when you posted it, therefore you are amusing yourself by trolling this forum. So don't go away mad that you've been outed; just go away.

George, I don't think he is trolling.
He believes this is a font because of the symbols' repetition.

Semih, may be it's not created in paint, but there are a lot of options in illustration packages (e.g. Adobe Illustrator) to create the sample you presented by creating and repeating symbols or just by copy/paste a vector group or a bitmap.

Therefore, it may look as a font but this doesn't necessarily mean it actually is a font.
Do you know that these symbols represent an existing language?
Have you encountered any other fonts containing similar abstract symbols?


Thanks George, I just noticed my mistake and fixed it :)

I dont get what you mean what you're talking about but so far Fivos is the only person who tried to help me anyway. I've found what means this "font" yes it is a modernized runic font and there writes a turkish sentence. Yes, now I'm goin' away but I really got frustrated 'bout my "trolling" misunderstanding. You George, thank you, too, to get me wrong. And most thanks to Fivos. I'm leaving out this site and never come back. Indeed, so far, I'm member of so many forums. About everything and except this one, I become admin at so many times in some sites. But this site is never seen that I really really got annoyed. You could give up complaining by saying only "it's wrong topic here please delete this and put it on right". Don't you think so? Nooo, you don't think so. Because you think "being impolite" is the only way to piss somebody off. Your "inconsiderate" guys, made me this curse. I've never seen that before. Anyway. Thank you Fivos, again. And thank you so much again for being the only person helpful. Have a "good" time. (hopefully)