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7-11 font

Okay…another opportunity since the K-Mart logo didn’t get a quick answer… 7-eleven (the font ‘eleven’ is in). Anybody? ;)



That’s Bland Corporate Unicase Gothic, designed by a hodgepodge of people.


Alright, then.

So just select a random font and hope for a match?

What’s your project, rob? If all you need is the logo you
can find it here.

Yes, I’ve got the logo. Unfortunately my series of projects involves taking common logos and changing words to generate recognizable spoofs. Hence all of the common logo id requests. ;)

I’ve actually generated quite a few so far — though I still need to purchase Introspect for the Albertsons font since it’s not in my archives. For 7-11 I settled on a Futura Condensed UltraBlack with some editing to weigh the characters on the left side a bit.

Wacky Packs for the new millennium?

Wacky Packs for the new millennium?