"The best american infographics 2013" cover and body font

Kraftwerk and Absara
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Fivos Vilanakis

Does anyone ID the cover font of "The best american infographics 2013"? I'm interested too in the body font (I attached a example)


Was about to say Liquorstore but some details are off (/B, /M centre vertex...).
Other alternative, playing with alternates, Refrigerator Deluxe.

It's a font called Kraftwerk by Charles R. Anderson (1995, CAKE Publications)
More info on Charles R. Anderson (or "Chank") by L.Devroye:

Good catch as usual, Fivos! Good to read I was not so far with Liquorstore as it has been designed by the same designer as Kraftwerk (probably its prequel).

Wow, yes, thanks guys. I thought Liquorstore too. What about the body font that I attached?

The body font must be http://Absara Light / Italic by Xavier Dupre (FontShop, 2004)

Awesome, fast and right, thanks a lot! :)