(x) Foundry icons {anon}

Hi there guys

i am making an order of my fonts libray and i coludn’t find out wich type founfry this icons belong to.

please, your help will be appreciatte

foundry icons


didnt have time to really look, but you can probably find the answer here:

1, 2 & 5 look like generic PS outline font icons.

7 T-26

Usually this information can be found in the ‘Info’-box: click the icon and press command-I.

Kemie’s linked list is quite incomplete. It might be an idea to create a similar resource on Typophile.

4 DTC (Digital Typeface Corporation) fonts?

6 converted LaserMaster fonts? The logo looks similar.

oh, guys, this one too



pd. kemie, thanks a lot for the link, it’s very usefull but there are still a few with no answer

anonymous…i support the idea of bringing this information to typophile

3 InterType fonts? I’m just playing Sherlock Holmes here.

Elementary, my dear Watson.

Did you already try command-I as I suggested? It works for the fonts on my computer.

anonymous, thanxs a lot for your help