Art Nouveau font ID


Would anyone know of this little beauty?

Thanks in advance!


Ortem MN is a legal version but don't know if it's the original name.

Hi Ryuk, good find.
About all I can offer is that this is a creation of Mecanorma during its photolettering years, based most probably on Art Nouveau letters dating to about 1900.But I have drawn a blank on who did the original letters and whether it was ever a pre photolettering font. Nothing in Solopedia, Luc Devroye etc.
For more fonts with this flavor I suggest Eckmann, Display Art One, Two & Three [Gerald Gallo] , Metropolitaines , Arnold Böcklin, & Absinthe.


Thank you. Thank you.

Wow, if Luc can't be sourced on this one I'm guessing that it must be original to the period. and from the glyph chart of Ortem it appears that the O was replaced by the zero.

Thanks again!

You're welcome Neil. I suspect -- wild guess -- that this was German [Eckmann or one of his associates], or possibly French or Italian.