Help choosing fonts for a simple site

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Hi all,

I'm working on this minimalist bitcoin site and would like some font recommendations. I think I am happy with Oxygen Mono, which is a Google web font and is used in the tagline under the logo, the first header, the news headlines, and the copyright line.

But everything else probably needs to be changed, especially the logo font and the "Why bitcoin" paragraph in the middle of the page. I'm also considering a different font inside the quotes widget itself.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!

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First things first: what is the purpose of the site?


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Hi Hrant. The purpose of the site is to promote the use of Bitcoin and serve as a one-stop hub for people interested in the Bitcoin currency. Currently, it is centered around a simple widget that provides real-time price quotes, which is what most people are interested in anyway. Over time, other widgets and information will be added, but the idea is to keep the design simple.

Most visitors are tech savvy and prefer minimalism over fancy design, but I still want to make the site look tasteful--something that has attention to detail but doesn't get in the users' way. The idea for the "plain" look is probably inspired by reddit (which is where a lot of visitors come from) and, to a lesser extent, craigslist.

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