Art déco style


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If someone could help me, it would be nice ! ;-)
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It is frequently helpful to tell us where, when and in what form (book cover, store sign, etc.) this is from. My immediate impression is hand drawn.

It looks Art Nouveau style and could easily have been made into a font from lettering - I have looked at several source books of Art Nouveau lettering but have not found this specific one.

Thank you Mike and bojev for answering !
@ Mike : I saw this typo at the bigining othe this video, but the film maker doesn't remember the name.

@ bojev : Indeed, it is very similar to Art Nouveau style (ITC Benguiat or Baldessare). But impossible to find the same rounded font.

Too bad the film maker can't recall where he got the word "Paris." BTW, shortest trip I've ever taken to Paris but it brought back many memories :)
Drew a blank with my Art Nouveau files.
I suppose you could make it by editing Benguiat*.
For swirls like the S you could look at:
Typo Upright:
or University Roman:
*Edited: Replaced Baldessare with Benguiat. I standardized the size of Baldessare [copyright 1993] and ITC Benguiat Std Book [copyright 1985] and and found that the digital outlines were almost a perfect match.

The swash in A is very similar to the one in a Stylistic Alternate for A in Mark Simonson's Bookmania
which also has some ideas as to how a Paris alphabet could look.