World War 1 poster (the type is hand-drawn) After a font which has the same kind of feel/look


I am interested if anyone knows a font that is in any way similar to the One used on the words Liberty Bonds on the poster enclosed.
I am designing a book cover for a book of First World War Nursery Rhymes. So I am looking for a font that is Chunky but also that has a bit of Child-like Character.
Another approach is to choose typography that was designed around the period of the first world war.
Garamond and P22JohnstonUnderground come to mind, but they may be just a little too serious straight looking.
Impact also comes to mind just because a lot of the hand-drawn posters were drawn in quite a blocky font.
If anyone has any views/suggestions please share.


You may like to use (as they are or modified) one of the following:
Tomate by Ramiro Espinoza (2008)
http://Goudy Heavyface by Frederic W. Goudy, Sol Hess (1925)
http://Ziggy free font by Mickey Rossi

Some others that might work:
Robur by Georges Auriol, 1909 (surprisingly, almost two decades before Cooper Black).
Krazy Kracks NF - a Nick Curtis digitization of Carl Holmes lettering.
Gator, based on Friedrich Popppl's 'Poppl Heavy', 1972.

Lots of good choices, including:
Henriette Black by Typejockeys:
Windsor, originally by Stephenson Blake circa 1905:
Verona by Typeshop [VeronaSB is a different design]:
Lamp Post JNL

Fantastic, I will have a good look through these options. Thanks again I can see there are some contenders here.