black sabbath


hi! someone can identify this font? thanx in advance


Reminds me of De Vinne and Bernase Roman but /R looks off for both of them...

It is "ArtistampMedium" by Harold Lohner

fantastic!!!! great! thanx so much!

Good call, Bob! Didn't know this rough interpretation of De Vinne/Bernase Roman by Harold Lohner. To remember! Thanks.

That's it Bob! The rubber stamps Harold Lohner used for Artistamp Medium
look like they were based on a condensed version of the circa 1900 De Vinne design, with the R and Q edited to be less floppy.
For a digital variation of condensed De Vinne with smooth letters see Hawthorne:
A regular width version of DeVinne was recently digitized by Jeff Levine as Publication:
Also De Vinne from wooden type fonts:
For a rubber stamp treatment of the wider width of De Vinne see Harold Lohner's Hand Stamped JNL:
The De Vinne typeface has been discussed many times before at typophile, most recently at:

Just a note that De Vinne had an alternate ‘R’ without a descending leg. Here are both forms in the 1923 ATF catalog:

Thanks Stephen, for the comment on the DeVinne alternate straight R leg in ATF 1923. I own a copy of the book and on checking, I found that you are indeed correct. Never noticed before. As Stan says in South Park, I learned something today.