Verities Magazine Typeface?

Scotland by Haakon Spencer
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Any ideas what is used for Verities mag?

What I know for sure at the moment is they use(d?) Scotland Italian by Haakon Spencer but this one looks a bolder and less 'calligraphy' but overall design looks pretty close.

Ryuk, you mentioned it before here:

The text was typeset and output using the typefaces; Scotland, designed by Haakon Spencer and Lexicon designed by Bram de Does.

Thanks for refreshing my memory and finding the confirmation on the colophon, Akira! I was a bit confused by the apparent boldness which looks different from the previous issues resulting a loss of the 'calligraphy' effect.
Adding more alternatives: Metro Nova, Gin Sans, Value

thanks guys, really appreciate it. Ryuk, I notice you post a lot, do you have any typefaces you've been working on?

It’s Scotland, not Scotland Italian.

fixed. thanks again