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Archive through March 23, 2003

I concede to Kent. Chances are he had the answer
before me, despite my quicker posting.


We should travel en masse to MyFonts and fill ‘em up with much-needed keywords.

MURRP! <- my best attempt at an incorrect buzzer

I knew I was right to be scared.

guessing Fedra Sans ItALic dollar sign

or Meta

I think the core of this challenge is that it’s a roman face with an angled broken vertical stroke of the dollar sign. There are plenty of fonts with a broken stroke on the $, but in all the italics I’ve looked at, the upper curve is to the right of the tail, as opposed to directly above like the sample here. So it must be a one-of-a-kind design — I just can’t figure out which one.

So, a plea for a hint: is it available on MyFonts, Stewf?


No to MyFonts. No to my Tiffany.

Eric Sans from Mr. Bruhn?

based on little gif.
typetester at fountain doesn’t show
dollar sign on my OS.

A respectable guess, bj. But no.

A weird guess, but…
FF Signa Extended Book Italic ($)

No, no. Stephen. You got there fair and square. You even linked to a sample. Go ahead. You post one.

Besides, I’m wasting a client’s bandwidth right now. I need to pack up and go home. I wouldn’t be able to get something together for several hours at least. You should go ahead and keep the game going. Really, I insist.

— K.

Hmm, never seen Signa’s dollar character. Nice. But no.

Is it Relay?


Apex Sans by Thirstype

ouch! that’s gotta be it. nice job, Peter!

c’mon Stephen, wake up and confirm :D

Peter is da winner!

I thought I’d be typically self-centered and pick a font that
would be hard to catch if you hadn’t been reading
Typographica religiously in the last few weeks. I’m lucky
Mr. Bruhn got it, ‘cause I’m his biggest fan.

ahh Stephen, you make me blush ;)

Oki, here’s my contribution:

Good luck!

Is the Stormtype?
Serapion Italic?

no … but it’s close :-)

Yeah, this is a good test/data source for MyFonts. Hey, they should pay us. Bwahaha.

Barring an unexpected revelation from Jared, I guess either Kent or Stewf is it. Come on, guys, don’t make me actually do my work-work this afternoon…!

Stephen won it, in my book. C’Mon Stephen, you got us all quakin’ in our boots over here….

Okee. Release the hounds!


Hmm…I don’t think so, unless the sample is rotated. I could be wrong.

Damn. That was my quick