CFF font - floating point coordinates

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CFF font - floating point coordinates
0 Bill Troop writes:
Postscript will sooner or later move to floating point because it has nowhere else to go -- in fact, David Lemon has explained that to a certain extent it already has done so. (I don't recall exactly how to get it to work, but apparently it _can_ work.) I can see all kinds of benefits to this precision even where there the output cannot resolve the available precision. For example, hinting algorithms could be much more accurate, couldn't they?

I made an experiment, I shifted one control point a bit:

"a bit" is 0.0007324 of EM
I generated an OT CFF font.
In CorelDraw 9 I placed two identical (besides that one point moved) letters one onto another.
Black letter is unmodified and yellow with one BCP shifted lays beneath:

Font 1000 EM, Windows XP, FontForge, CorelDraw 9