2 Fonts | Tall, italic, maybe a slab?


I'm trying to ID 2 fonts but remain unsure. I was thinking Caslon for the Kues, but it's not it. Any ideas?


HUNGER THIRST: most probably custom and possibly hand-drawn from scratch as Derek Hollister, one of the designers in charge of this identity at The Infantree has a type work on his dribbble called 'Absolute Finest Type which looks pretty close to the one for 'HUNGER N THIRST'. For what it's worth, if I have to recreate it, I'd probably start with some font like Diamante EF adding those latin (triangle) serifs.
More 'Diamante': Five Star Final, Herald Gothic FB, Chamfer Gothic RR, Uncle Sam Slim NF, Pillar, Dayta
"Out-of-the-box" alternatives but still some customization needed: Supremaganda BTN, Bourbon, Sheepman, Yeoman Gothic RR
Starting with a slab and (mainly) reworking serifs to latin ones: Player

Ryuk, thank you for your time. I did find the type at The Infantree last week and isolated the type to the words I was looking for during the search last week, but to no avail. Your leads to Diamante are wonderful.

Any thoughts on the second image showing "Kues"?

Thank you!

Not sure if this is the one, but Regal Swash Pro from Parachute is very close to your Kues sample. While I don't see the exact matching alternates in the glyph set (I didn't examine it too closely) the general style including some specific points do match. It may be the one, with some additional customisation for the logo.

Really don't know what to say about 'Kues'. Your best chance is probably to directly ask Yossi Belkin (and if he answer, drop the answer here :). To me, it feels "custom from a commercial typeface" (meaning "not drawn from scratch"). Reminds me of Caslon Italic /K (and /R for the top swash). Some more tracks: Harriet, Miller FB Display Italic, Chronicle Display, Mikaway, Chasseur, Austin

I am fairly convinced now it is Regal Swash that was the basis for the Kues logo. See here Regal Swash Pro (no stylistic alternates) overlaid in pink over your Kues sample.

Perfect, osamu!

osamu, thank you for looking into this deeper, it's greatly appreciated.
ryuk, I appreciate the leads and am looking at the other typefaces as well.

Regal Swash it is!