Handwriting Script

Black Jack - Modified
Solved by: 
Mike Freiman


I'm having real trouble identifying this script font.

Any help would be appreciated!

Many Thanks



It appears to be modified Blackjack - a free offering from Typadelic.

Thank you Mike!

You are a life/time saver!


Agree with Mike F about the resemblance with Blackjack. There's also another font which looks to perfectly match. It's Vistula but copyrighted to SummitType/SummitSoft so I can't state about it's legitimacy...

Yikes, Ryuk ... that place offers tons of extremely amateurish fonts. The few fancy script fonts I checked seem to be very crude remakes of existing fonts - with lots of generated variants. See Virtuoso (Ariston) for example. Adriattica is clearly derived from Present - again, very crudely.

I'll definitely be giving the benefit of the doubt to Ronna Penner of Typadelic.

Can't agree more with you, Mike. Never thought Ronna Penner could have plagiarized or even been inspired by Vistula. I'm pretty convinced 'Psalter' is set using Vistula. What I'm worrying about is, as you confirmed, SummitType/SummitSoft is well-known for its illegal activity. But unfortunately, I was not able to find the possible origin font for Vistula...
They have actually 3 different names for the same font: Vistula, Muranso and Vandyke
Another one is Bobbi Bee by Baseline Fonts.