This is the fashion brand, Kaelen, type mark. I am looking to find out what typeface was used. The RoAndCo studio created the identity, but they don't specify what was used.



Can't find a match and doubt there's one actually. Looks like an edited version (mainly because of this /A storey dimension) of a classic geometric sans like [[|Futura]] (/K), [[|Avant-Garde ITC]] (x-width), [[|Avenir]] (/E), [[|Univers]] or [[|Frutiger]]... My idea would to clone as much as possible 'AELEN' and recreate /K.
Some food for the mind: [[|Sense]], [[|Twentieth Century]], [[|Core Sans G]], [[|Vedo]], [[|Harmonia Sans]], [[|Platform]], [[|Migration Sans]], [[|Azo Sans]], [[|Agilita]]