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Morning all,

Can anybody identify the font used on this album cover please?




This is a font indicating the extend of fonts forgery / cloning done by many companies, as it can be found under the following names and corresponding copyright:

Cocktails - Copyright 1986-1995 SWFTE International, Ltd
Beatsville - Copyright 1991, Atech Software, Carlsbad CA
Beatsville Regu - Converted by ALLTYPE
Beatsville - Generated by Metamorphosis Professional 2.03
Kwirky - Digital typeface data Copyright (c) 1993, 1996 Weatherly Systems, Inc
Ginsberg -
Stranglehold 1 / Stranglehold 2 - Cambridge Fontworks
Magoo - ©1995-2001 Arts & Letters Corporation
KwiKwitSSK - Copyright 1995 Southern Software, Inc.
Onedin - (C) 1994 Brendel Informatik GmbH

I really don't know which and if any of them is an original and/or legitimate design, so please be careful if you are going to use any of them in a commercial project

Philippe C. - one of the original MyFonts forum moderators and a self-publisher of the three volume Type Index - indicates that Beatsville was originally shareware by Jim Morton. That 1990's freeware and shareware was prime fodder for the ripoff companies. "Converted by ALLTYPE" is what was seen in those old nonprofessional conversions from the original Mac fonts.