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It's Alive!

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Joined: 12 Mar 2002 - 11:00am
It's Alive!

The real deal TypeCon2003 website has launched, complete with a list of over 60 speakers, workshops schedules and details, secure online registration, and more. Speaker bios and photos, program topics and schedule and other good things to come as soon as we get all the info.

The site was designed by Typophile T-shirt design contest winner and all-around fabulous guy, Mark Simonson.

The site’s at http://www.typecon2003.com. There are some fun photos from last year’s conference in Toronto… an early bird discount is in effect through April 30, and SOTA members get additional discounts on top of that.

Fair warning to procrastinators: the workshops fill up *very* quickly!

Don’t forget, this year’s speaker list includes our beloved Jared and Joe, plus little Stephen Coles! Plus Matthew Carter, Jill Bell, Peter Bilak, Jim Parkinson, Kent Lew, Dave Farey, Sibylle Hagmann, and many more fine folks.